ART OF TODAY - SPIRIT OF TOMORROW previews the ARTWORKS and EXHIBITIONS of artist Glyn ALLEN Rand. Religion, Spirituality and Psychology dominate Glyn’s search for personal meaning and find expression in his ART. There’s also a BLOG.


Glyn Allen Rand signs his artworks with just one name - Allen. The use of this name is significant for it has the contrasting meanings of ‘Alone’ (separate from others) and ‘All one’ (united/inseparable). Both meanings are appropriate for this emerging artist who believes in  the oneness and interconnectedness of all things.

Glyn also signs his work using his ‘middle’ name as it reminds him to keep to the spiritual journey he has embarked on. You see in Buddhism the journey of enlightenment is known as the ‘middle’ way. The middle way implies a way of balance.

Glyn is not a Buddhist, he was raised a Christian but is no longer committed to any one religion. Glyn finds insight and wisdom in all religions and believes they have evolved from a common source or ground. He also believes that art can be used to reveal and direct us to that original source.

There is more to read about Glyn’s work, his inspiration, motivation and vision on the ABOUT page.



Stairway to Heaven is the first painting Glyn sold at exhibition, it was painted in 2013.

Painted in acrylics on board - approx 12x12inches.

The title Stairway to Heaven comes from a Led Zepplin song but has nothing to do with the song or the rock group. It was Glyn's intention at that time to create paintings that were essentially spiritual in subject or feeling. The poppies in the painting are portrayed in their three stages of life, in bud, in bloom and gone to seed. It is the same direction of travel for us all: birth, life and death. This is the stairway we must all climb. 

There was another stairway that Glyn had in mind when giving this painting it's title. The stairway or journey that would lead to the kind of spiritual paintings that Glyn really wanted to paint. Stairway to Heaven marked the beginning of that journey; the first step along the way to the more heavenly works that would come later.


In 2019 Glyn made his debut at an overseas international open art exhibition.
The image to the right shows Glyn with his painting at the final selection stage of the Long Live Rembrandt exhibition - Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

The EXHIBITIONS page gives details of all upcoming exhibitions - currently all cancelled due to covid-19.


To express his spiritual vision Glyn is developing a style which is balanced between abstract and realist, rough and fine, classical and contemporary.
At present (2020) Glyn is experimenting with glazed translucent colours juxtaposed with passages of opaque flat pattern. The curtain painting to the left is a great example with deep translucent glazes in the shadow, a waxy turbid glaze in the wall and opaque passages in the curtain.

Follow Glyn’s development on the ARTWORKS page. 


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