IN SEARCH OF DIVINE TRUTH previews the ARTWORKSEXHIBITIONS and IDEAS of artist Glyn ALLEN Rand. Religion, Spirituality and Psychology dominate Glyn’s search for personal meaning and find expression in his ART. There’s also a NEW BLOG.


Glyn Allen Rand

When Glyn signs his artworks (some works are left unsigned!) he uses just one name - Allen. The use of this name is significant for it has the contrasting meanings of ‘Alone’ (separate from others) and ‘All one’ (united/inseparable). Both meanings are appropriate for this emerging artist who believes in  the oneness and interconnectedness of all things.

Glyn also signs his work using his ‘middle’ name as it reminds him to keep to the spiritual journey he has embarked on. You see in Buddhism the journey of enlightenment is known as the ‘middle’ way. The middle way implies a way of balance (in harmony with nature/the universe).

Glyn is not a Buddhist, he was raised a Christian but is no longer committed to any one religion. Glyn finds insight and wisdom in all religions and believes they have evolved from a common source or ground. For Glyn, the purpose of art is to reveal and direct us to that original source.

Read more about Glyn’s work, inspiration and vision on the ABOUT page.


APRIL 2021 - LIFE AND DEATH ARE ONE (Stairway to Heaven 2)

A near realist painting inspired by one of Glyn’s own photo’s

Oil on board - approx 24 x 32 inches

The title ‘Life and Death are One’ conveys the message that there is no life without death and there is no death without life. They are two sides of the same coin, you cannot have one without the other.

The lifecycle of the poppy is a metaphor for the three stages of human existence; the bud (birth), the bloom (life) and the seedhead (death). Actually there is no real death of the poppy, for within the seedhead are the seeds of new life. But without the perceived death of the poppy at the end of one cycle there can be no continuation of life. Therefore one implies the other, life and death are co-dependant.

Life and death are one just as the poppy is one, whether we view it as a bud, a flower or a seed it is the one poppy. Forever changing but never ceasing to be.


In 2019 Glyn made his debut at an overseas international open art exhibition.
The image to the right shows Glyn with his painting at the final selection stage of the Long Live Rembrandt exhibition - Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

The EXHIBITIONS page gives details of all upcoming exhibitions.



Glyn likes to experiment with glazed translucent colours juxtaposed with passages of opaque flat pattern. The curtain painting to the left is a great example with deep translucent glazes in the shadow, a waxy turbid glaze in the wall and opaque passages in the curtain.

There are two pages displaying Glyn’s ARTWORKS. One page shows a diverse set of images from early childhood to 2021 (like a visual journey or an ‘about page’ in images). The other features only paintings created for the primary purpose of achieving Glyn’s big idea in art: Art has the power to enlighten (save).


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