In 2019 Glyn (Allen) completed a diploma in oil painting at the Norfolk Painting School. Prior to this Glyn specialised in drawing and has established himself as a pencil portrait artist and art instructor. 

Glyn’s spiritual journey can be traced back another 30 years to 1989 when he abandoned his career in the printing trade for the pursuit of the knowledge of God. Since that time Glyn has taken a broad look at the six major religions of the world as well as Shamanism and other spiritual practices. Further areas of research and interest include ancient mythology, modern psychology, existential philosophy and of course art.
Alan Watts, Aldous Huxley, Karen Armstrong and Jordan Peterson are just a few modern thinkers and writers to influence Glyn along his journey. However the time honoured spiritual and religious leaders Lao Tzu, Jesus Christ, The Buddha and others still command his greatest respect and attention. As for art Glyn finds his deepest connections with the work of Rembrandt, Turner and more recently Bouguereau.

Glyn’s long term aim is to incorporate spiritual, religious and metaphysical ideas into his painting. He would ultimately like his art to ask questions about and challenge our knowledge of God and our relationship to God (ultimate reality). Glyn considers his current (2020) decorative work as a stepping stone in preparation for more meaningful and enlightened work to come.

Glyn’s first completed work of 2020 sets the tone for the year ahead. His painting of Irises is faithful to Glyn’s preference for a wide range of values, optics and complementary colour but now exhibits a looser and more confident handling of the brush. Stronger, bolder and more expressive than many previous works the painting of Irises is considered by Glyn a milestone in the development of his personal style.

Art is an expression of the human self just as the human self is an expression of the Divine Self (God).