Glyn spent most of the day designing a logo for his new website that he ultimately decided not to use. It wasn’t a complete waste of time as it makes a decorative banner for the top of this first blog post.

The Isolated Artist Blog provides daily insights into the studio practice of an isolated artist during these days of coronavirus lockdown.

What happens in the studio and who gives a s*!t?

If you are a budding artist or just someone who has bugger all else to do this could be the blog for you. It may even provide some much needed ideas for what to do with all that extra toilet paper piled up around the house.

Glyn also has loads of paper, he keeps it in his studio and uses it to draw on (not toilet paper by the way). He will be using this blog to share with you his drawings, paintings and other design ideas. He might even give you some tips on how to design a cr*p logo. To be honest there is no BIG plan, he just hopes to post something art related on a daily basis to help relieve the boredom of being isolated from the rest of the world. launched on Spring Equinox 2020

What can you expect?

Mostly you can expect to see some of Glyn’s artworks from the past, present and future (no, just joking about the future ones). If he’s feeling particularly generous Glyn may share with you his process. This would be done by posting images of a ‘Work In Progress’ stage by stage. To keep things lighthearted there may be the occasional joke or two and spirits will be fed with an occasional wise quote.

Painting should be visual poetry