How well will a collage board suit a Matisse study? 

The process for this pastel painting is exactly the same as used for the Joan Eardley study but the image is very different. Matisse is classed among the Fauvists who liked bright colours and were not concerned with being true to the colours of nature. Blocks of colour and flat pattern typified the work of Matisse, very different from the expressive work of Eardley.

1. The first image above shows the collage board which has already been primed for pastels.

2. The sketch, image reference and materials.
3, The first application of pastel which has been dissolved with rubbing alcohol.
4. The second (heavier) application of pastel with bridging lines.

Below is the finished image in full. It is up to the artist’s discretion where and how much of the collage board is left showing through.