Last night I lay in bed listening to a talk by Jordan Peterson through my wireless earpods. I fell asleep about 20 minutes into the talk I guess and woke up about an hour later with Jordan still busy giving his lecture. It is amazing to think I heard absolutely nothing during that hour yet the earpods were in my ears all that time and I can only assume the talk continued throughout that period too. Yet I had no recollection of any noise or sound at all for about an hour before I awoke - I missed most of the talk. 

Would it be right to say that my ears, inner and outer, do not actually hear anything? It appears that it is consciousness that does the hearing and the ear is merely the means by which it does the hearing. Consciousness can be united with the ear or it can be separated from the ear. When the two are united there is hearing but when they are not united there is no hearing only silence. During sleep, consciousness is not present in the ear or anywhere else in the body but as long as the body lives, consciousness will return to the body when the body awakes. Either consciousness leaves the body or the body (senses) leave consciousness!

These are some thoughts, not very deep yet, on consciousness and the body.