The noble eightfold path is the way that leads to the cessation of suffering. Buddhism is more properly understood as a practice or dialogue rather than a religion or belief system. Anyone can practice or follow the eightfold path, you do not have to be a monk or live in a buddhist community to qualify.

1 Right Understanding
2 Right Thought
3 Right Speech
4 Right Action
5 Right Livelihood
6 Right Effort
7 Right Mindfulness
8 Right Concentration

It’s a very pleasant surprise when the Mandala is finished and before you is a balanced symmetrical design that has opened up like a blossoming flower. I had no idea how it would turn out before I started or at anytime during the process. Using graphite pencil alongside a black drawing pen allows for some soft transitional edges to compliment the hard edges. Mandalas can include colour but I prefer a tonal mandala for it’s simplicity and visual strength.