Start with a piece of square paper and find the centre by drawing two straight lines diagonally from corner to corner. Draw two more straight lines through the centre horizontally and vertically. With a compass draw a series of concentric circles. I tend to draw around six circles that are unevenly spaced apart.

 Apologies for the poor quality of the images below.

Start drawing at the centre and work out from there one or maybe two levels at a time. Draw first with a pencil before committing to pen and ink. The centre circle of this design is filled with the YinYang symbol. The next two levels out follow the grid and are divided into eight segments. A mandala is approximately a symmetrical design. After enough pencil guide lines are drawn it’s simply a case of deciding which areas to fill in black, which to leave blank and which to shade with a pencil.

Square paper
Varying widths of black fine liner pens
Black Pentel brush pen to fill in large areas
Tombow eraser pen for drawing into shaded areas