Our way of life has been drastically changed because of this new strain of flu virus. It’s true it can prove deadly to some people so it should be taken seriously and until there is a vaccine it will continue to be of great concern. No doubt the conspiracy theorists will view it as an excuse for government to impose greater control over the freedoms of the people. One more step in the direction toward a New World Order and all that jazz. While the rest of us see it as government simply trying to do whatever it takes to limit the number of casualties and spread of an uncontrollable pandemic.

What I would like to say is that greater government intervention in this way may not be such a bad thing (providing the conspiracy theorists are not right). Perhaps we in the western world have enjoyed a little more freedom than is actually good for us. (For example the freedom to be selfish and greedy, or the freedom to be wasteful and uncaring...the list could go on and on). For millennia individuals and societies have held a belief in God as a way of curbing the excesses of those societies and individuals. A widespread erosion of that belief in today’s western societies has been accompanied with the excesses it once suppressed.

If a little bit more control over our freedoms means a cleaner environment, more family time together, greater help and offers of assistance to elderly neighbours etc, then I’m all for it. Even less food on the shelves of our supermarkets can be viewed positively as less waste in our bins. I hope this pandemic can be brought to an end soon but I also hope we remember the positives and carry them on.