What does a person need to learn to improve their drawing if their aim is to create more accurate and more lifelike drawings. The answer might well depend on how advanced the person is in their drawing ability, but without doubt one of the first golden rules of drawing is KEEP IT SIMPLE. When drawing from life or from photos I would recommend keeping the drawing as simple as possible for as long as possible. That means draw only the largest divisions of space to begin with (largest shapes or largest blocks). Use only lines to describe these shapes and keep the lines simple and fairly straight; think in terms of geometric and not organic shapes. Take your time to build accuracy into the drawing at this stage and it will pay dividends further down the line. When you are happy with the relative accuracy then move on to the medium size blocks using the first set of lines as a grid upon which you can construct the rest of the drawing.
Photo reference above can be divided into 3 or 4 divisions of space to begin with. 1. Sky, 2. Hills, 3. Land, 4. Group of Trees on right.
Describe the divisions of space with simple lines and geometric shapes. After the biggest shapes are established the medium size blocks can be drawn. Keep it simple and keep adjusting things until you are satisfied with the accuracy of each block relative to the other blocks.