The following is a guiding principle to help describe and encapsulate a more equal or level society in economic terms. ‘The poor should not be too poor and the rich should not be too rich’.

Most would agree that poverty is not a good thing for individuals or society at large but is being too rich also bad for individuals and society at large? Let’s assume most rich people given the opportunity would like to be richer still and would say therefore there is no such thing as being too rich! Yet surely money is just a means to an end and not an end in and of itself. The question of whether or not it is bad for an individual to be too rich has to run alongside the question of whether or not it is bad for society if there is a huge gap between the very rich and the very poor. It is all relative after all.

The time may come when money is no longer a help but a hindrance to a nations social development.

The poor should not be too poor and the rich should not be too rich. This is a guiding principle that could help our societies stand on a higher moral ground in the future. We only need look at the rising and falling of powerful nations and empires of the past to see that wealth comes as a consequence of high moral standards. The loss of that wealth and power also comes as a consequence of losing those standards. The widening of the gap between rich and poor can be viewed as a barometer for a change in moral standards. Without such guiding principles people and society at large loose sight of what is most important and valuable in life.

Money can’t buy you love.

It maybe impossible to judge or measure what it means to be too rich. If you live in a society where greed is considered a good thing then clearly there will be no limits placed on individual wealth. If you live in a society that values the human spirit above individual wealth then it would not be too difficult to achieve an economic levelling out. This has been the battle throughout the ages, between inner wealth and outer wealth. Between those who say life is about getting and those who say life is about giving. This man believes we are all in it together and all have our part to play in the comedy and drama of life. We are all therefore of equal importance even though, like parts of the body, some are given more honour. The above principle cannot be forced upon people but can only be adopted by people, otherwise it has no power. The possibility of eradicating poverty is very real if the rich make themselves poor, then all will be rich.

God became man, that man might become God.