The system of education in the UK does not suit all children. One could be justified in saying that it actually ruins some children. We need to change from a one size fits all approach.

Here are a few ideas on how the education system might best serve our children in future. 

  1. For the first twelve years or their lives, we treat our children as children and let them play. This may or may not be structured but will certainly not be an enforced education. Children will be allowed to discover life for and as themselves and they will not be told what they should or shouldn’t do. Far less control over a child’s development at this stage in their lives may possibly reduce the amount of mental illness in later life. Children at play do not need to be supervised but they may need to be monitored. This monitoring of the child will help shape the kind of education the child will receive after the age of twelve years old.
  2. Every person will be entitled to twelve years of free education which can be taken all in one go or taken in part with a portion in reserve. The guiding principle of education will be to teach ‘not what to think but how to think’. Children will enter the education system on their twelth birthday which will mark their transition from childhood to adulthood. The twelve years of free education to follow could be divided into three four year trimesters. The education each individual receives will be personal and unique to them. It will focus on the main interest of the individual child and children will not be divided into year groups but into their subjects of interest. Art for artists, maths for mathematicians and science for scientists etc.
  3. No one will be compelled to enter their children into the education system but why wouldn’t parents want their children to have a bespoke education that focuses on developing the qualities a child already possesses? There will be no school uniforms as there will be no regimented approach to schooling. Everyone will be encouraged to complete at least two trimesters by their twentieth birthday. The third trimester could if so desired be put on hold or carried on straight after the twentieth birthday.

Instead of trying to mould a child to fit a social system we should develop a system of education that is fit for every child

After 12 years of play and twelve years of education everyone will be expected to work for a minimum of 40 years. It should be noted that not everyone will want to remain in the same type of employment throughout their working life. So it is proposed that at every 10 year interval each individual will be offered training in a different career. A person could therefore potentially change what they do up to four times during their working life. There would be no loss of pay when changing from one career to another. Everyone in society should be allowed the opportunity to find their true vocation in life however long it takes. Income is always and only a means to an end and should never get in the way of a person’s opportunity to do what they really want to do. The social system of the future recognizes that at twenty years old not everyone will know what they really want to do.

A system made for the people and not a people made for the system