Cat food and dog food pouches by the millions being packed into boxes and transported throughout the UK. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year it is a non stop process. Almost fully automated it literally reduces the human element to automatons. Men and women are no more than machines - part of the process.

I applied for this job because I needed the money and this particular job offered the best pay over all other local work. What did I have to give in return? First of all my time; 12 hours from 6pm to 6am for four consecutive nights. After which I would have four days without work before starting over again, so it was a 4on/4off night shift.

What did I do during my 12 hours at work? Empty trays of pet food pouches onto a conveyor belt or load the full trays onto a roller conveyor. There were a couple of other packing jobs that were done occassionaly but mostly it was handling the trays of pouches. It was both easy and difficult work at the same time. Easy in the sense that it didn’t require much intellect or great strength. Difficult because it was boring, monotonous, soul destroying and did require stamina - like running a marathon. Almost every part of my body would ache after a 12 hour shift, especially my hands and feet. I needed the four days off work to recover from the four days on work.

Why? Why has human life, work and activity been reduced to being nothing more than part of the machinery? How far have we come since hunting the plains for bison and foraging the woods for berries? Big industry has given us so much over the last couple of hundred years but at what price? Is the dehumanization of humans a price worth paying? Maybe now is the time to claim back our humanity and recognise we are both body and soul. Big industry in it’s many guises maybe responsible for many good things including an increase in wealth but it’s also responsible for an increase in environmental harm. So is it time to kick industry into touch and does real progress mean going back to nature and forward to divinity (body/spirit unity). 

It would be rediculous if not suicidal to just drop and ignore all the technological advances humankind has made over it’s history but there has to be some recognition of our current folly. We have to recognise that if we remain on the current course of so called progress this too is suicidal. We need to ask the question (we being a global collective as well as individuals) what kind of world would we like to see in one hundred years time? Also and more importantly what kind of human being would we like to see in walking the earth in a hundred years time? The sooner we answer these questions the sooner we can start making the necessary changes and adjustments and the sooner we return to unity with both God and nature.