I am resurrecting my figure and anatomy drawing with the help of Kenzo at Love Life Drawing. There are some amazing videos on Youtube that I am finding really helpful. The one below reminds us that we are all at different stages along our drawing journey and that we were all beginners once. More importantly it explains the need to recognise and work through these foundational stages so that we don’t jump ahead of ourselves too soon. However this video also helps us see that there is an overlapping of each stage or gradual transition toward the more creative stages. This means that progress and small improvements are being made all the time even when we don’t recognise it.

 I am particularly guilty of rushing ahead and attempting to draw creatively while in reality I am still at the stage of analysis. Doing this has lead to a lot of frustration so I am now pleased to track back and begin again. Hopefully with patience and perseverence I will now work through the earlier stages more completely and provide for myself a strong foundation for the creative drawing.