Mandala art originates in Tibetan Buddhism so I believe. Creating a mandala is a spiritual practice for the monks in Tibet who’s work is very precise and focused. They produce their art on the temple floor with coloured grains of sand that get swept away after the mandala is finished. Art that is a means to an end not an end in itself. The lesson being that nothing is permanent.

I prefer to draw a mandala on square format paper using black ink pens and a pencil. A mandala starts with a single central dot that represents the unity of all things and spreads out from their into eight directions that represent the noble eightfold path in Buddhism.

The mandala above moves out from the centre through a series of concentric circles then transitions into a square format. The four sided square represents the four noble truths of Buddhism. The mandala grows from the centre, there is no pre conceived plan it simply develops intuitively. Using a combination of clean areas of white paper, solid passages of black and graduated areas of grey graphite gives the design visual strength.