On the surface the different faiths of the world seem unattached and separate from each other so that each might claim to have the only truth. This is the mindset I experienced when I was in fellowship with a Christian church called the Christadelphians. Christianity claims to be the only true religion and all else is therefore false, no doubt Islam makes the same claim. It goes further because the separate denominations within the Christian religion each claim to have the only true understanding of the Bible and therefore the others are false.

For me it doesn’t seem in keeping with the spirit of any of the major religions to make such arrogant claims. No one religion has the whole truth even though each religion can guide you to the truth. Religion is founded on truth but there is an historical, environmental and social context to that truth which accounts for the differences in the major religions. It is unwise to put any religion or ideology on a pedestal or give it more importance than it deserves. Man isn’t made for religion, religion is made for man.