Yesterday I completed an order of 60 hand made colour charts - such a nice feeling. Today I decided it was time to organise my pastels a bit better. Since I started making colour charts in 2012 Unison have changed their range on a number of occassions. Sometimes adding new colours like the recent midnight set and other times discontinuing colours like John’s set. Throughout all that time my pastels have remained in the same arrangement as they were at the beginning. Today I decided to reorganise them which will hopefully make it a little easier when it comes to making the charts. Reorganising the pastels in their boxes also means remaking the colour labels for the front of each box. With the new hand made colour labels still stuck to the wall I had the opportunity to take an image for a new website that could possibly launch in the near future. Not saying too much at the present time but the image of me with the colour charts does make a suitable header.