Watched a movie the other night called ‘New Order’ about corruption and socialist revolution in Mexico. At first it appeared to be about the age old fight of the poor and downtrodden rebelling against the rich and ruling class. After awhile it became apparent that corrupt politicians and the military were at the heart of the revolt.

Without wanting to give too much away I think the moral of the story is that corruption serves nobody well, although those who hold the reins of power might disagree. 

In many ways it was a shocking movie not least of all because the events portrayed could and do actually happen in real life. What also shocked me was the lack of power experienced by both rich and poor alike. The rich folk who might consider themselves in a relatively secure position in society due to there wealth were just as helpless as the poor folk when it came to the crunch. 

Revolution as portrayed in New Order might only be possible in Latin America and therefore would be of no real concern to someone in Europe. But what should be of real concern to anyone and everyone in the world is the idea of power and influence, and whether or not something can be done about it.

Can freedom ultimately be found only in a position of total power?

Are not all humans born equal? Are they not also equal at the point of death? Equality is also maintained throughtout the lives of all human beings in the eyes of the cosmos but not necessarily in the eyes of humans themselves. The rain falls upon the heads of both rich and poor alike, we all breathe the same air and eat from the same earth. The oneness that lies behind the myriad of living forms shows no partiality or favouritism but treats all alike.

While it is obvious there are a variety of different roles within society it should also be noted that every role is required to support the whole. Those at the top of the social ladder such as royalty, politicians, military chiefs and business leaders may consider their role (or themselves) more important than than those at the lower end. But each persons role is as equally important for the functioning of the whole. However, in a capitolist society, those who occupy the lower end of the social scale are tricked into believing their roles and they themselves are of less value than those above them. This is because value is measured in money.

The pyramid structure of social roles lead many to believe that the individual who resides at the very top is of greatest importance and is free (from serving others). This is because all the other roles in the pyramid play a supporting role to the apex individual. While the pyramid structure can be viewed in this way it is also important to realise that the apex is no more important than any other level to complete the structure itself. Freedom for the person at the top means calling the shots or to put it another way, ‘let my will and not thy will be done’.

In New Order power was in the hands of those that held the guns for they had the power to take or spare life. How can others who refuse to take up arms hold onto their own power? How can the meek, the poor and the humble be free within or without a social structure?