There are a lot of very good oil paint brands on the market so knowing which ones to use can be quite a task. I grew up using Daler Rowney and Winsor & Newton in those days they were the only two to choose from. Nowadays I prefer Gamblin Oil Paint which is also the preference of the Norfolk Painting School for whom I work. Gamblin are an American brand and are excellent on quality (artist) and price (student). They offer a wide range of colours including some unusual ‘radiant’ pastel colours. I have tried many different brands some better than others and am of the opinion now, that it’s best to stick with the colours and brand you know. Whatever brand you use my advice is if you like it stick with it. It’s important to know exactly what’s coming out of the tube, you will expect the same consistency and tinting strength that you’re used to. The best possibility of that happening is by being loyal to one brand.
There are 8 colours in the Radiant set. They are all opaque and all sit around value 7. I have added two more colours to my set, they are not as radiant but are around the same value - Caucasian Flesh (orange) and Naples Yellow Hue.