Paint pens or Acrylic marker pens provide a clean, easy to use alternative to paint from a tube. They are liquid paint in pens of varying nib shapes and sizes. Two of the most popular brands are Liquitex and Posca. Liquitex offer the biggest and best colour range with translucent and opaque colours but only two nib widths, small 2mm and large 15mm. The Posca colour range is limited to around 20 colours that are all decorative and opaque. However the range of nib widths is quite extent from extra fine to extra wide with a variety of different shapes such as brush, bullet, chisel and nylon point. Colours can not be mixed on a palette like tube paint but can be layered on the support. Also unlike tube paint there is no physicality to paint from pens so the illusion of texture is achieved through varying the marks.