This painting was completed today it measures 60cm x 48cm and was painted entirely with marker pens and gel pens. The style resembles that of Gustav Klimt which makes sense as the subject is Klimt’s studio and garden. The intention was to create a jewel like painting by using a variety of gel pens such as glitter, glaze, metalic, neon and souffle. Faber Castell indian ink marker pens were also used for added contrast and to cover larger areas more quickly. The paper used is called Tiepolo which I think is primarily a printing paper. This paper is perfect for the gel pens but a little bit to absorbent for the marker pens never-the-less it sufficed. The process is quite time consuming because it begins with small details and continues with details through to completion. Like most of Klimt’s work this is as much a mosaic pattern as it is a painting of a house and garden which has allowed me the freedom to be as creative as Ilike.