If you’ve ever worked with a waterbrush pen the chances are it was a Pentel. They were certainly one of the first if not the first to make what I consider to be the best waterbrush pen available (there are lots to choose from now). On top of that Pentel also make a fantastic colour brush pen. Pentel’s Colour Brush pen comes in 12 beautifully translucent liquid ink colours that are vibrant and very water soluble.
There are two outstanding features to Pentel’s Colour Brush pen that make it ‘stand out’ from the rest. The first is the brush tip which is made of actual filaments like a real brush and not fibre as so many brush pens are. The second is that the barrel can be replaced. A new Colour Brush pen will cost you around £6 to £7 and a replacement barrel costs around £3.

Because the tip behaves just like a real brush lots of different marks are achievable and it’s quite large so it can offload a lot of ink if needed (squeeze the barrel and get more still). The biggest advantage the Colour Brush pen has over a real brush is that there is no need to reload, although the tips do become dry after a while, especially if the paper is particularly absorbent. The disadvantage is the limited amount of colours when compared to a standard brush and a decent set of watercolour paints.