Today I aquired 6 warm grey pigment markers made by Winsor and Newton. These are a very nice type of pen with smooth coverage and a unique pigment ink. They have a wide chisel nib at one end and a fine bullet nib at the other. The body is quite cleverly designed to be round barrel at one end and triangular at the other. I would recommend these pens if it wasn’t for the fact that they do not have an even value spread. By that I mean there isn’t an even step in values in the 6 warm greys that I received today or the 6 cool greys that I already had. The implication is that this product has been produced on the cheap side even though it has been designed to look like a quality product. I haven’t tried any of the coloured markers but will not bother now that I have discovered inconsistencies in both sets of grey.
Value 5 is around the same value as value 3 which makes it lighter instead of darker than value 4. The same issue occurred in the cool set of greys so it is not a one off and therefore stinks of complacency on the part of W&N.