There is a large framed photo of poppies hanging on my studio wall. It’s a personal favourite and the only photo taken by me which I bothered to have enlarged and framed. There are five main poppies in the image each with there own unique shape and character. The photo has also captured the three stages of a poppy’s life from bud to flower and seed head. I find this progression of time captured in a single frame quite interesting and satisfying.

The majority of photos I take are for the purpose of reference images and very seldom do I print one off for it’s own sake. I have tried many times to make a decent painting from this poppy photo but never yet managed to improve on the original image. My latest attempts are quite large paintings that have cropped into a section of the photo to create a design of just two or three large shapes. There is one example below which might need further work and also the original image (it’s actually a photo of the photo).