Wouldn’t it be great if our children had our support and encouragement to be themselves without imposition for the first twelve years of their life. Rather than impose a forced education on a child of four, let the children play upto adolescence! What harm could it do? More to the point, what harm could it prevent?

As I said in a previous post a one size fits all approach to education may not be the right approach as we move forward in this modern age. It may even do more harm than good. So much can be learnt from television and the internet; history, geography, maths, English and so much more! It's possible for children under 12 years old to learn all they need, to prepare themselves for an education starting at age 12. And instead of a formal education for primary age children they could play.

During this age of play various activities could be offered to the children so that they are never left entirely to their own defences. One such activity might be getting to know their local environment. I don't just mean being able to name the flora and fauna or birds, insects and animals etc. But really getting to know the local ecology and environment by investigating it's many relationships and connections. In other words getting back to nature and understanding how it all works together as one. No writing or drawing or making posters, just lots of practical field trips to observe and grow to know ones own connection with the local area.

Let us help the next generation to see and experience the world as children see and experience the world, not as we would have them see it!

Other activities could also be available such as sports or art and craft. The aim with all and any of the activities available would be the same, to help the children learn about themselves. The focus would be much less about doing and more about being. When the time comes to start full time education a child would choose subjects that help reinforce who they are and help the child develop into the person they want to be. It is probably more important than ever to teach our children kindness, compassion, tolerance and humility etc. History, Geography, Science and Math can be learnt as a by-product or off-shoot of these more important subjects.

Teach the children kindness by being kind, and tolerance by being tolerant.

Let the open fields and parks be the classroom of the future. May the teachers become monitors that simply observe the children, serve the children and be a reliable friend to the children. Allow the children to grow in their own good time and be true to themselves. Why do the children play? Why would adults want to stop the children from playing? Can we not now in this day and age bring forth an economy and society whose wealth is measured in happiness?

Happiness is Wealth