It isn’t easy pricing up artwork and even after many years working as an artist I still struggle. The amazing thing is, just when I thought I’d cracked it, along comes another level of difficulty. 

There are so many factors to take into consideration such as size of painting, time taken to finish the work, quality of the work, where the work is sold etc. Personally I will also factor in how I feel about the painting, in fact that’s probably the most significant factor of all for me. There is a painting I really like and use as a benchmark for pricing. I valued Irises at £300 which I believe is good value even for a small 16 x 16 inch unframed work. Will anyone else feel the same way about it as I do? Only time will tell. 

I considered the above painting to be on a par with Irises and priced it the same at £300. So pricing is and should be easier now that I have a benchmark painting with which I can compare - at least paintings of the same size. This is all well and good if the paintings remain on the website but if they are displayed in a gallery there will be a 50% commission to factor in. This means I either have to increase the price to £600 to get what I think is the right value or I have to take a hit of £150 - which is what I have done with my current paintings in the Red Lobster. Such is the life of an artist!