The painting below was made many moons ago. In my opinion it’s a bit twee and a little contrived so I thought I would recycle it. If you have some old paintings that your’e not too attached to you might like to try this little trick and see what happens. Paint over the old image with one or more colours then cut into the wet layer of paint with a silicone wedge. Unusual and unexpected marks will be made and revealed. Then continue to work on and sculpt the painting as normal with bodied colours.

So there you have it, before and after - which do you prefer? I wouldn’t say one is better than the other they’re just different. The bottom one (the after image) is a bit more painterly but I guess it’s still a little contrived. My aim in painting is the same as my aim in life, to let go and live by faith - more of that later. Below is a cropped image so you can have a close look at the marks.

Below is the same painting again but this time painted over completely in red then cut through to reveal an abstract wavy pattern. I could go on experimenting with this indefinitely.