There is a vague plan to this painting but in general decisions are made and changed as the painting progresses. The colour choices of this colour beginning were a spur of the moment decision based on their symbolic value. Symbolism is important and has a definite role to play in spiritual paintings. The three primary colours are used to show the equality of importance of the three primary characters. Just as no one colour can be said to be more important than any other colour the same is being said of the three main characters. In this adaptation of Bloch’s Consolator, Christ is not flanked by his disciples but by The Buddha in yellow and Lao Tzu in red. It is the three characters combined that reveal the spirit of Christ or to use my preferred title, Adam.

With the painting at this early stage it’s time to review the design and make changes if necessary. For example the two legs of the central figure would be better reversed with the bent leg next to the yellow figure. One of the key aims in this process is to keep the design open for as long as possible.