This is a proposal for the long term goal of government. I suggest that goal is to guide and enable everyone in society to be self governing. Ultimately there will be no distinction between those who govern and those that are governed. How this could be achieved is up for discussion but one possible result could look like this: today you are a minister in government, tomorrow you are emptying bins and the next day driving a tractor on a farm.

Another result could look like this: No one individual has power over another individual because every individual is self empowered and self governed.

During this time of lockdown it has become apparent that a more socialist form of government is appropriate so that the governing bodies can restrict individual freedoms and provide welfare when necessary. However it should also be recognised that appropriate actions such as these need to be acceptable as well, they need to be appropriate and acceptable by all. For policies that restrict individual freedoms to be acceptable Government has to be trusted and trustworthy which it currently isn’t, at least not fully. One of the hurdles to government trustworthiness is due to the barrier between those who govern and those who are governed. Remove this barrier, have a self governing society made up of self governing individuals and you will discover that many social ills will be eradicated. A non dual society may be the best way forward for everyone but needless to say those that benefit most from the dualistic world of today will resist this change.