Ex UK Priminister Gordon Brown talks of the failure to vaccinate the poorer countries of the world as an economical, medical and most of all an ethical issue.

The so called Indian variant is apparently far more transmissible than previous variants. How likely is it that more variants emerge in the future, stronger and more harmful than ones we know of at the present time?

Good luck to Gordon as he heads off to the upcoming G7 summit to press the case for vaccinating the worlds poorest. One statistic mentioned on the radio this morning was that less than 2% of Sub Saharan peoples have been vaccinated. Compare that to the 60% of the UK population. The UK are about to start vaccinating twenty year olds who, it is generally stated, are not likely to require hospitalisation if or when they catch the virus. On ethical grounds alone, the UK should stop or at least slow down it’s national vaccination program and increase/speed up the international vaccination program. Even if this means a partial lockdown for the next three years, ethically speaking, it is the right thing to do.

This man is refusing to receive the covid vaccination at least until the rest of the world has caught up. 

Did you know, last year, there were more deaths from malaria in Africa alone than there were deaths from covid worldwide (or was it just the UK)! The point is, malaria has been around for a long time but it doesn’t generally affect the richer nations so it isn’t given major attention (or funding I suppose). Because covid has affected the richer nations a vaccine was developed in months.

People are people wherever they are and share the same struggles, sufferings and hardships of life. My human experience is the same for everyone worldwide, we share the same emotions, feelings and have the same basic needs. An old age person in Africa needs the vaccine as much as an old age person in England. Both need it more urgently than a twenty year old. Wealth is the reason (in part at least) why a covid vaccine was developed so quickly but it also appears to be a barrier to the spiritual development of humanity.

You cannot serve God and mammon (money/wealth) - Mattew 6:24

If the long term plan for humanity isn’t about loving your neighbour as yourself, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, being enlightened, living in harmony with nature and reaching the highest possible spiritual state (for which God is a metaphor) then WTF is it about?

If the long term plan for humanity is about living for one’s own self interest, gaining more at anothers expense and increasing the gap between the haves and have-nots then, it will all come tumbling down because this is the natural outcome whenever there is unbalance. The rich will eventually find themselves living in mansions full of golden platters with no food to place upon them.

This man agrees with Mr Brown that there is an ethical and moral imperitive to vaccinate the worlds poorest people and underdeveloped nations. We are all in it together, we only overcome it together. Not until we start to live as one people (serving one another) will we truly begin to overcome the ills of the world. For then, we shall realise, that the ills of the world actually emerge because of the present lack of oneness.

In nature, the self is served only and always while serving the other at the same time. Think of the bee and the flower.