The current news emphasis has moved away from the casualties of the pandemic to the ongoing vaccination program. People of ages 33 and 32 are now eligible to receive the vaccine so why has this man in his mid fifties not yet taken up the offer?

Firstly, vaccinations do not address the real problem of why this virus has entered human biology in the first place. Scientists say the covid virus has jumped from animals to humans but they can not as yet say exactly how or why! However, as with bird flu and the aids virus there is a very strong case that points to man’s inhumane treatment of animals being in some way connected to the jump. Unfortunately, the covid vaccination program will allow us to carry on as normal and avoid the important issue of addressing our awful behaviour toward nature. So as helpful as the vaccine may prove in keeping us safe from this virus it probably will be of no help in protecting us from the next one. We really need to get to the root cause of the problem so we can prevent another pandemic from occuring.

As an aside, it is worth considering the possibility that, the covid virus did not jump from animal to human but has always been in humans! This may seem far fetched but the virus could have been hidden or dormant within the human genome throughout human evolution only to emerge at this time. This suggestion is really rather scary because it means the virus can emerge spontaineously as well as by transmittion. The question of why this would happen or what triggered the emergence still remains. The answer is probably the same as before, for no matter exactly how this virus emerged there is this connection with humanity’s alien behaviour in and toward the natural world. Either way the vaccine gives us opportunity to get back to normal, or in other words, carry on behaving as before.

This man rejects vaccination for now to bring attention to the need for greater harmonization with nature

Secondly, this is a global pandemic which should have and probably could have been dealt with globally. It is undeniable that those most at risk from the virus (the old and the infirm) should be vaccinated first. So why, during a global pandemic, are UK citizens in their thirties being vaccinated before some eighty year olds in other countries? The vaccinations should have been offered to all eighty year olds ‘worldwide’, and then all seventy year olds ‘worldwide’, etc. We are not free from the pandemic until we are all free from it!

Unfortunately, as is usually the case with wealthy nations, we look after ourselves first. The upshot of this is that we in the UK this summer can enjoy a pint and a burger in the local pub while elderly people in the poorest nations continue to die from the virus. Yes the UK lockdown and social distancing would have been prolonged but it would have been worth it. Also, think of the incredibly positive message this would have given to the rest of the world if the UK had decided to put others first!

It is in our own self interest to put others first

Thirdly, it is not unreasonable to err on the side of caution. The covid vaccine was created very quickly compared to previous vaccines. It is generally accepted that rigorous testing of the vaccine was conducted before it’s release. So we can be pretty sure it is safe for us to receive. However, there is at least one area of concern for which no test was done. The area of time! Will there be any side effects in years to come? Only years of testing and experimentation can provide an adequate answer to the question of whether a vaccine is totally safe in the long run! Hopefully it will be fine but we will have to wait and see.

This man is not opposed to the covid vaccine and would not discourage anyone from receiving it. We should have the freedom to choose whether or not to receive the vaccine and when to receive it. Choosing not to have the vaccine at the present time is not a selfish act as some would have you believe, although that is a point of view worth considering. Alternatively, choosing not to receive the vaccine for the moment can be seen as self sacrifice by leaving oneself open to and unprotected against a deadly virus.

Putting oneself at the end of the queue is not a selfish act