YIN YANG - Part 2

While searching through one of my sketchbooks I came across some thoughts written down about the Yin Yang principle. As I have recently posted on this symbol and while it’s fresh in my mind it makes sense to do a follow up now which might explain things a little further.

Yin Yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected and interdependent in the natural world and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

Yin and Yang are two halves that together complete wholeness. Yin and Yang are also the starting point for change. When something is whole, by definition, it’s unchanging and complete. So when you split something into two halves (yin yang) it upsets the equilibrium of wholeness. Both halves are chasing after each other as they seek a new balance with each other.

You are not a drop in the ocean,
You are the entire ocean in a drop.

A quote on wholeness by Rumi