This is a new post pandemic blog to replace the previous blog written during the first UK lockdown. Unlike the old blog which was mostly art related this new blog is more varied with thoughts on current affairs, politics (maybe), spirituality (certainly) and possibly a little bit of art too.


The following is a guiding principle to help describe and encapsulate a more equal or level society in economic terms. ‘The poor should not be too poor and the rich should not be too rich’.

People, Party and Policy. What do we vote for? Is it the personality of a politician, the ideology of a political party or a policy that we consider beneficial for social development?

Ex UK Priminister Gordon Brown talks of the failure to vaccinate the poorer countries of the world as an economical, medical and most of all an ethical issue.



The current news emphasis has moved away from the casualties of the pandemic to the ongoing vaccination program. People of ages 33 and 32 are now eligible to receive the vaccine so why has this man in his mid fifties not yet taken up the offer?

The short answer is simply to externalise my thoughts. A much longer answer would involve an explanation on why I exist and the meaning of life! If I get anywhere near providing that explanation by the time of the final blog post, that will be a miracle!