This is a new post pandemic blog to replace the previous blog written during the first UK lockdown. Unlike the old blog which was mostly art related this new blog is more varied with thoughts on current affairs, politics (maybe), spirituality (certainly) and possibly a little bit of art too.




Cat food and dog food pouches by the millions being packed into boxes and transported throughout the UK. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year it is a non stop process. Almost fully automated it literally reduces the human element to automatons. Men and women are no more than machines - part of the process....



Having enjoyed a nice cuppa tea this morning made from loose tea leaves I began to wonder about the use of teabags. It appears to me they are an unnecessary convenience which if we stopped using would make a huge impact on the world’s resources. Surely this has to be the way forward for a better future, namely, winkling out...



Watched a movie the other night called ‘New Order’ about corruption and socialist revolution in Mexico. At first it appeared to be about the age old fight of the poor and downtrodden rebelling against the rich and ruling class. After awhile it became apparent that corrupt politicians and the military were at the heart of the revolt.



It is said ‘a leopard cannot change it’s spots’ and there are certain things a person will not be able to change about themselves. However, it is also said that change is the only constant for everything, everywhere is constantly changing.

I am convinced that thinking (as a form of action) is detrimental to real progress. Thoughts can hinder spontaneous action. Spontaneous action is progressive, single minded and natural (in harmony with the natural order of the cosmos). I guess that spontaneity is something like what is termed in Eastern wisdom as ‘non action’.



This weekend sees the start of the new football season in the UK. The Premier League is one of the best and one of the most difficult leagues to win in the world. My two favourite teams are both playing in the Premier League this season but what does it really mean to support a footbal team?



It is a function of law to prohibit or control certain actions. This is very evident in laws of the highways and byways. There are limits placed on the speed at which one can lawfully drive. If those limits were removed would we all start driving around like maniacs?



There are two videos on today’s blog post that provide food for thought around the subjects of love and the society of the future. They are connected, even if it isn’t obvious. If spirituality lies at the heart of an alternative society (see Russell Brand video) then surely it’s important for us to learn to love (see Alain De Botton video)....



Life is associated with the body (the material world) for what use is the spirit of life without a body to give it expression? A body without the spirit is dead and is it not therefore also true that the spirit without a body is also dead? And yet God is described as spirit and as life but never as a body!...



Death! Is it the end or is it a new beginning? I talk about reincarnation and resurrection in the same breath. For me, while they are clearly different they are also fundamentally the same. Both are expressions of this divine truth; death is a doorway to a new beginning!